Zegna Belt · Automatic Belt · Belt made of pure steel material with automatic buckle, top layer cowh

2023-08-25 17:18

Product name: Zegna Ermenegiido Zelma ✈️ Belt, automatic belt, belt P240

Model: Pure steel material automatic buckle, top layer cowhide automatic belt body, physical photography

Material:  100% layer of cowhide, ensuring genuine leather. 24k pure steel buckle, never fading  The counter is of the same quality, with a classic logo buckle and a classic cowhide double-sided palm print black top layer ➕ Ka, with diamond inlaid silver buckle, the belt can be freely cut, suitable for both men and women, preferred for personal use as a gift ✈️

Packaging: Identify NFC hanging tags in the designated cabinet as shown in the picture, provide disassembly tools, original electronic ticket, width 3.5cm

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