Marlboron Original Order · Belt · Belt Original Double sided Top Layer Cowhide Classic Printing Orig

2023-08-25 17:13

Product name: Montblanc ✈️ Original order, belt, belt P210

Model: Needle buckle, new original classic boutique needle buckle, physical photography, original top layer cowhide

Material:  100% layer of cowhide, ensuring genuine leather.  Available on both sides ✨ The counter is of the same quality, with the original double-sided top layer cowhide classic print ➕ Top layer plain grain leather sole, gold buckle, high-quality needle buckle made of pure steel material, can be used on both sides, can be freely cut, and is the preferred gift for personal use ✈️

Packaging: Please identify the special cabinet packaging as shown in the picture, with a free punch, original electronic ticket, and a width of 3.5cm

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