What are the reliable suppliers or platforms for making a consignment?

2023-08-23 19:05

One piece of OEM source network recommendation:


1. Alibaba

1688 is a well-known global B2B e-commerce brand. It collects massive supply and demand information and is a leading online trading market and merchant community in the world. The first e-commerce website with over 14 million online merchants, covering 220 countries and regions, has become a global website for merchants to sell products, expand markets, and send one package.

2. Global Huapin.com

Global Huapin.com is a professional global one piece shipping website that gathers numerous supplier product resources and combines its logistics advantages to provide one-stop foreign trade procurement, warehouse inventory management, product release, order processing and other services and distribution for foreign trade sellers. Services such as packaging goods to global distribution. In addition, Global Huapin's logistics network covers over 200 countries worldwide.

3. AliExpress

AliExpress, also known as AliExpress, was officially launched in April 2010 and is the only online trading platform under Alibaba that targets global markets. Known as the "international version of Taobao" by many sellers. AliExpress is open to overseas buyers. It conducts guarantee transactions through Alipay's international account and international express delivery. It is the third largest English online one click shopping website in the world.

4. Star code supply network

When it comes to direct sales supply websites, it's definitely not Starcode Supply Network. Due to the diverse product sources on the website, this to some extent solves the problem of selecting products for online store owners.

And its supply of goods is also very diverse, which can attract many customers to most stores for consumption, thereby increasing the sales of online stores. As a source website that can ship goods on behalf of others, online store owners can use their extra time to operate online stores, effectively avoiding the cumbersome offline shipping and inventory backlog.

5. Business Network

Our business network mainly focuses on children's clothing. All of them are first-hand children's clothing and can be shipped on behalf of others! The styles are very diverse, and children's clothing sellers can pay attention to them.

6. Four Seasons Constellation

This website mainly deals in men's clothing. It is a famous wholesale city in Hangzhou. The Four Seasons constellation has its own mobile application, even if men's clothing sellers cannot go to offline stalls, they can still directly select and pick up goods on the website.