Archaeopteryx 30 fold automatic folding umbrella, the hottest trend of the year, Archaeopteryx count

2023-08-22 16:41

(Archaeopteryx) This year's hottest trendy Archaeopteryx counter, the new innovative summer handle fits the palm of the hand for a more comfortable and popular fashion item. The ultra light aluminum alloy umbrella bone is made of lighter materials, both the umbrella surface and the umbrella bone are selected. The latest coating treatment has a sun protection and isolation of up to 99%, with a strong water repellent effect. The luxurious and explosive logo stands on the umbrella surface, absolutely showcasing taste! When others are still struggling to open the umbrella, you just need to slowly pull out the automatic umbrella and press your thumb to stay away from the wind and rain. It is safe and in place. [Strong] Elite taste standing display with a full set of gift boxes, whether given to others or for personal use, is excellent. With it, you will bloom with the most unique charm this summer. Gift box

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