Moschino Bear Head 50 Fold Hand Open Umbrella. Fully Self Extending and Retractable Handle Original

2023-08-22 16:28

Moschino is a major Italian brand named after designer Franco Moschino, founded in 1983. Its products are known for their quirky designs, high appeal, fashionable humor, and playfulness, featuring SSV Polyester Fiber umbrella fabric and LRC ™ On the basis of coating the base layer, improve the density of the umbrella, upgrade the material of the umbrella frame for better sun protection and user experience. Effectively block 99% of the ultraviolet rays on the direct umbrella surface, combined with high water pressure and high knitting density, the remaining 1% of the ultraviolet rays will be consumed in the gaps of the umbrella fabric, ultimately achieving 100% sun protection effect. The fully automatic extension and contraction handle saves the trouble of too much hand movement. The ultra ultra ultra light all aluminum alloy bone makes it no longer a burden for you to carry an umbrella, and comes with a gift box

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