Fendi ultra light aluminum alloy umbrella ribs, whether it is the umbrella surface or the handle and

2023-08-20 15:37

(Fendi) ⚜️⚜️ A famous luxury brand from Italy has created a unique fashion trend with its mischievous and eccentric style, sweeping the entire fashion industry. Holding such an umbrella on the street, the fashion index immediately exploded. Whether it is used in sunny or rainy days, it complements each other and is full of feminine charm. This work has the feeling of feeling the wind passing through the body, leaving a refreshing and fragrant fragrance. It is a must-have for fashion experts, with original OEM quality and imported UV UV resistant umbrella surface from Taiwan, Ultra light aluminum alloy umbrella ribs, whether it is the umbrella surface, handle, or ribs, are made of lighter materials, reducing the sense of weight carried in the bag and making it easier to carry. The style is distinctive and full of unique aesthetic features. The original packaging

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