What are the sources of high imitation luxury goods

2023-08-19 23:34

Nowadays, many people choose to purchase high quality luxury goods, which will be more cost-effective. However, obtaining a reliable source of high-quality luxury goods is not so easy. Without experience or reliable supply channels, it is impossible to obtain high-quality luxury goods. What are the sources of high imitation luxury goods? Let's take a look with the editor where we can find sources of high quality luxury goods.

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1. At present, many high-end luxury goods are mainly sourced from Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In general, the source factory only communicates directly with familiar and reputable first level agents, and supplies and receives payments from them. These first level agents are basically relatives or friends of the owner of the source factory.

2. WeChat business. Many high-end luxury goods merchants sell on Moments. Nowadays, there are many so-called "overseas purchasing" or "overseas purchasing", among which a considerable number of products are high imitation products.

3. E-commerce platform. You can find various sources of goods on the 0713 Luxury Goods Station (www.aa0713. com). Zero Seven Thirteen Luxury Goods Station (with tens of thousands of suppliers online) is a platform that integrates live streaming, WeChat sourcing, and Taobao store sourcing, providing a full range of WeChat agent sources, including women's clothing, cosmetics, bags, sports shoes, small products, daily necessities, snacks, and more. The three people can still find suitable sources of goods.

The above is an introduction to the supply channels for high-end luxury goods. I hope the above content is helpful to you.