Ligne2 Longsheng Box Lighter, DuPont, France, original order 1:1 Wooden Box Set Luxury Original G

2023-08-15 17:51

The new French DuPont Ligne2 Langsheng box lighter, original order 1:1  Wooden box set, (free engraving), combining thickness and uniqueness. The lighter size is 61 * 10 * 36mm, weighing approximately 145 grams. It is made of pure copper, high-end and upscale, with a clear and crisp opening sound. Exquisite craftsmanship, it exudes taste and your charm. It is perfect for gift giving and self use, and comes with a complete set of packaging ✨✨ (Boutique wooden box gift box gift bag, flint grinding wheel air nozzle leather cover) (Shipping cost 15)

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