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2023-08-12 15:33

Inventory the top ten high imitation American brand bags ranking list and recommend three suitable purchasing channels

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1. How much does a high imitation LV bag usually cost?

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Lv's original order is also shì High imitation de, lv except for the counter shì Imitation de, imitation and hé Genuine products have different quality first, material cá Different materials ī Sample, genuine de material cá I material, whether it is shì Leather hardware and hé The paving is all imitated. Secondly, the workmanship is different ī Genuine craftsmanship is better than imitation, only y ǒ U both one y ī By comparison, it can be seen that the wiring and hé Oil edge; 1. Authentic fabric and hé The difference between high imitation lies in the fabric, which is shì LV family heirloom, so one y ī A good de high imitation bag b ā O Package b ā The difference between genuine and genuine products lies in the fabric, with 11 packages ā O Package b ā 95% is similar to the second line genuine product. The LV used is shì Wax thread can ensure b ǎ The certification line is not easily damp and will not deteriorate or break after prolonged use. De; Obviously different ī What kind of de, otherwise, how to make a genuine product is not shì No one will buy much y ǒ U points of difference, high imitation package b ā There are several types of o, and de of 11 is shì The best de, the top de, has a appearance that is basically similar to a genuine product, whether it is genuine, shì Material Cá I quality or shì The hardware is basically very upscale, but in fact, I personally think that based on my own budget, really, the budget is not shì Very high; Many authentic LV products are shì Three color hardware, i.e. one y ī Package b ā There is y on o ǒ There are three types of hardware for electroplating 18K bronze, which can be done for high imitation products in Guangzhou High imitation Market ǎ Few others shì One year ī There are many types of hardware, and these are all very poor, with the right colors. In other words, the LV family's wiring is shì Elastic fiber, relatively thick, especially thick shì.

2. Where can I buy a high imitation LV bag?

2. Large brand bags such as leather, hardware, wiring, wire ends, interfaces, and edge oil ā O Package b ā o. Belt, men's clothing ā Ng, women's clothing zhu ā NG, men's shoes, women's shoes, watches, accessories, glasses, etc. Y ī Handmade factory supply, wholesale price, complete supply, good quality ǒ U protection b ǎ Obstacle Y ǒ U shopping bags and hé Package b ā O Membrane package b ā Installation ā NG can act as an agent for picking up goods, supporting one y ī Send me a private message; About top-level products, bags, bags; B ā O Package b ā The design details of o are shì 99% is the original counter 99%, with exquisite details and craftsmanship. The leather material is shì It looks like hé Authentic without y ǒ Distinguished Good Materials cá The material I used is all shì Imported fabric or 11 customized fabrics, naturally using hardware is also SHì The best hardware, from the shape material cá Quality i, package b ā O includes one y ī Some logos.


Nowadays, carrying a backpack to go out is not just an exclusive benefit for girls. In today's luxury market, many girls go out after going out. It is also necessary to bring a lot of information, and after that, a briefcase or backpack will naturally be necessary, including the LV luxury handbag brand, which has released many men's shoes. So, how much discount is reasonable for LV men to handle recycling costs? Let's come out and find out how much discount the recycling price of second-hand LV handbags for men will be.

The most classic is LV's Daphne bag, which has been popular since 2019 and is sold out all year round. In the second-hand market, it is almost recovered at official prices, so if you have it, you don't have to worry about selling it. The counter sold for 25000 yuan, which is very similar to the 1976 Daphne. The new Daphne comes with an additional chain, located at the lock catch; LV” The brand lettering has been added with a square, with a slightly thinner font, and the rest are almost indistinguishable. And the medieval Daphne can only be bought in the second-hand market for less than 10000 yuan, which I don't understand. It's still poverty that limits my imagination that a chain can cost tens of thousands of yuan.

Why are there still no people making cheap bags of the same quality when these people say that the cost of LV and Prada bags is very low? I explained that by learning about the development of luxury goods, you will understand the following points:

Among many famous brand bags, if you want to say the brand with the most classic bags, then the first and second ones are LV's vintage bags, box bags, or bucket bags, and so on. The amount of willingness on the market is still very considerable. Although the aforementioned packages have completely different industry values, it cannot be responded that the willingness and popularity of LV's packages in the luxury clothing recycling industry are only completely different. So how much can LV, which was originally priced at 5000, sell for? Moreover, there are many LV bag styles with a market value of 5000, but the recycling cost discounts generated by different industry demand are also different. So, under normal market trends, usually a few fold recovery would be more effective in preserving value?

&Ldquo; My first luxury item is an LV vintage bag, which is a replica of WeChat: GZ_ At that time, I wanted to buy a limited, collectible, and reasonably priced luxury handbag called SCP8. Once the backpack got tired, it could be resold again, and even with good quality protection, the price for recycling on the second-hand platform would not be much lower than when I purchased it& Rdquo; A consumer born in 1995 talked to life.

Discovering the avant-garde LV shoulder bag, everyone remembers a different color in their mind. The recycling prices of different LV shoulder bags naturally vary, so I have specially planned this bag to let you know the approximate price of avant-garde LV shoulder bag recycling based on it. This LV medieval shoulder bag is a contrasting color style for direct shipping in Europe, made of LV corrugated leather. Although this style has a long history, the color is still very high. The leather has a luster and no sense of decay. The editor personally has a strong preference for certain semi circular patterns, with a delicate curve that makes the bag more elegant. The exterior of this LV medieval shoulder bag is simple, with adjustable straps that can be tilted or reduced. Although this bag is circular, the red bag is very simple and can be used for work. Under natural light, leather emits a sense of gloss. There are two small belt buckles on the shoulder strap, similar to belt buckles.

The bag is a complete messenger bag with a small LV lock, featuring a classic vintage design. The old patterns on the bag retain the classic contrasting elements, and the colorful contrasting leather adds vitality to the clothes.


(3) The brand of the bag is determined by the second-hand value of the bag. Currently, there are three brands of low-key clothing that maintain value in China: Herm è s, Chanel, and LV. Other brands are relatively expensive to buy at home, but the second-hand price is not valuable at all. For example, when we purchase an LV bag with a second-hand price of over 20000 yuan, we can sell it for at least 8000 yuan, while other categories such as Herm è s Buying bags such as Valentino requires over 20000 yuan, and second-hand prices may not be able to reach around 1000 yuan, so these centers do not recycle them.

Let's get to the point, if we consider luxury clothing as a financial product and buying a bag as an investment behavior, then we might as well consider it from the perspective of investment products:

Regarding luxury e-commerce, it will downplay the elegance of luxury goods. On the one hand, due to the pandemic, it is difficult for people to purchase at American counters, which brings opportunities for e-commerce; On the other hand, the era of light luxury is constantly infiltrating the younger generation. The demand for consumers to choose luxury goods is no longer about showing off at the time, but more about a sense of self satisfaction and relaxation of mindset. For example, in the current high-pressure work and life environment, you may be an ordinary white-collar worker who cannot afford a house, but can buy a bag to reward yourself. Things like that; Light luxury; Culture is becoming a consumption keyword for the younger generation.

Shenzhen has become a second tier city with rapid economic development and a high standard of living for people. There are countless girls in Guangzhou who have luxury bags, but in fact, recycling luxury bags in Guangzhou has become a common phenomenon. More and more luxury bag owners are choosing to recycle luxury bags. Of course, if they can receive a satisfactory recycling price, the value of their luxury bags is only a reflection of saving capital.

Usually, businesses cannot afford such high rents, and only these high-income luxury goods merchants, such as clothing and cosmetics, can afford to purchase high-quality imitation bags from websites, such as branded bags.

Let's get to the point, if we consider luxury clothing as a financial product and buying a bag as an investment behavior, then we might as well consider it from the perspective of investment products:

Shenzhen has become a second tier city with rapid economic development and a high standard of living for people. There are countless girls in Guangzhou who have luxury bags, but in fact, recycling luxury bags in Guangzhou has become a common phenomenon. More and more luxury bag owners are choosing to recycle luxury bags. The original luxury item is WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, of course, recycling branded bags. If you can receive a satisfactory recycling price, the value of your luxury bag is only a reflection of saving capital.