What are the characteristics of top quality high imitation bags? How to distinguish true from false?

2023-08-11 22:18

I'm afraid many friends will question the quality of high imitation bags, indeed! In our common sense, high imitation is imitation, and counterfeit goods are counterfeiting! So since it's fake, there must be no guarantee of quality!

Indeed, there is no mistake. Fake goods are crooked goods, which are of poor quality. For example, cosmetics and counterfeit goods that we often come into contact with not only have no effect, but also have negative effects, such as affecting beautiful skin.

However, here we need to prove to high-end high imitation bags that the quality of a high-end high imitation bag is very good, because high-end high imitation bags mainly serve the high-quality high-


end customer group, which has very high requirements for quality. If they cannot meet the requirements, they are at most imitations, not high-end high imitation!

So what are the characteristics of top quality high imitation bags?

The color difference is almost "0" compared to the genuine product, but it's just impossible to say it's completely the same. Don't ask me why.

Leather, when it comes to genuine leather, it's all deceit because the channel looks down on you. What are the characteristics of this top-notch imitation bag? How to distinguish true from false?, Luxury replica WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, on the contrary, will hinder his reputation. Do you think others are fools?

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Hardware, some people say that you can see the differences between many types of bags on hardware, indeed! But it's not about the quality of hardware, it's just about subtle differences in printing. However, with the price difference of dozens of times, this can also be ignored.

Many students are worried about the version, where to buy the wrong version of the high quality imitation bag, but what I want to tell you is that all high-end high quality imitation bags can only be opened when genuine products are purchased. Using genuine products as the standard, how much worse will it be?

The most important thing is that a shop owner who makes top-notch high-


quality imitation bags wants repeat customers! Due to the fact that only repeat customers pay for his top tier products, the original luxury goods order is WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, there is no doubt about the quality of top quality imitation bags.