How can high imitation bags be sold? International first line Xiaoxiang/LV/YSL/Bulgari

2023-08-11 21:59

International frontline


These are some clothes in my hand. My purchase price is 1000+. I can be very responsible and clearly tell you that the above brands will soon have no original orders in China.

Yes, that's right. The ones I show you are all high imitation, and the details are easy to understand at a glance. If I don't tell you they are high imitation, you won't be able to distinguish them at all. But high imitation is also different from high imitation. Some imitations are exactly the same as the counter, while others are so fake that they make you cry at first glance.

The quality of imitations depends on whether they are genuine or not, in addition to raw materials, accessories, and factories. Since there is no way to obtain the raw leather for the counter, it still depends on finding similar leather by every means possible. After I went to a cooperative factory, I had a method that we must not find that family workshop. The factory may not be large, but it must have a formal assembly line and a professional and experienced master responsible for procurement, so that we can find the best leather. For example, the one I collaborated with Xiaoxiang today was the one I confirmed after comparing nearly 50 factories, because the leather and accessories are the best on the market. Although they are not made from specialty leather, they are all made from the origin of lamb skin, which is imported from Canada. In order to achieve the long-lasting effect of specialty leather, many of the accessories are only made in the United States. So even for high imitation, the profit is still around 1000 yuan.

In addition, many manufacturers have already used high imitation bags from other factories to open and make plates in order to save costs. Do you think they can really do it?

To be honest, buying genuine products from a counter as soon as there is a new product is a real hassle. No factory can do it, so good factories only produce a few classic models. If you find that someone always produces new models when selling Xiaoxiang, you can basically confirm that besides being imitations, they are not very good imitations. (Except for purchasing on behalf of others) Therefore, I really feel that high imitation can better reflect the conscience of the manufacturer.

I have often only collaborated with this factory, and since there was no stock available, I had to stop selling and didn't want to find another factory. In addition, I am very certain that the so-


called Middle East purchasing version on WeChat and Weibo, which sells for 8000 to 9000 yuan, is completely deceiving with 99% new Xiaoxiang, and the purchasing channels are no different from mine.

International second tier

Luo Yiwei/GUCCI/PRADA/Burberry

Second tier brands may have some original orders but not many times. Usually, only a few are distributed to me each time, and the color codes are definitely not complete. This is why some people sell and purchase on behalf of others at a low price.

These brands all have legitimate OEM factories in China, 165175, and I won't say much about Litai Shenma. RADA and GUCCI, Burberry's price is really not cost-effective, not to mention one tenth of the counter price, but also half of the counter price. So sometimes I persuade my clients to go abroad to play and buy them, because it's really not that cheap. I still think that if you can accept half of the counter price, then go to the counter and buy. Don't buy a second line original order for around 1000 yuan at a cheap price, it's impossible.

These are some of the second tier bags I am selling, all of which are pure original orders, but they are really expensive. PRADA charges 3000+and 2000+, usually giving regular customers one point to finish.

I need to remind you that there is a shortage of goods in the second line original order, which depends on the counter order. The order has arrived, and the luxury goods original order is on WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, only with excess waste or the ability to incur additional costs (i.e. defective products that fail quality inspection) can there be an original order. It is absolutely impossible to have a sufficient supply of goods and always have stock. If the buyer promises to have goods at any time and wants as much as possible, then 80% is high imitation.

International third tier

Kochi/KS/MCM/MK/TB, etc

This affordable brand is indeed produced by OEM factories in China and has numerous original orders. My delivery price is basically around 700 to 800 yuan, which is one-third of the price of the counter.

One type is that after the big brand places an order in the Huadai factory, the leather and hardware are provided by the big brand themselves. How can we sell a batch of high-quality imitation bags? For example, if there are 1000 bags, it is definitely not possible to provide raw materials for 1000 bags, usually with an additional 10% of the raw materials. So, after completing this batch of goods and undergoing quality inspection, the big brands can be taken to the counter for sale. The remaining 10% of the raw materials are often gradually produced and sold by the factory itself. This is the main channel.

There is also a type of so-called rat goods, which are stolen back by factory workers. Of course, nowadays formal factory management is becoming increasingly strict, and this type of rat goods is becoming increasingly rare and almost extinct.

Is there no difference between the original order and the genuine product at the counter? It's not entirely like this.

Generally speaking, there are several distinctions. Firstly, some shoes do not have anti-counterfeiting codes or ID cards, but children's shoes bought by Olay in China must understand that many of them do not have ID cards. However, even if the merchant tells you that they are in an online batch, they must have anti-counterfeiting codes.

Secondly, those bags have not undergone quality inspection, so even if the original order cannot be accepted due to a thread defect, it may not be suitable for you to buy the original order. As for the original order, everyone uses a cost-effective original leather, original factory, and accessories. If there are some minor defects, they still need to be accepted.

The third is the standard. Some children's shoes like to use the standard to determine whether they are genuine or fake. If this method is used to determine the goods purchased on behalf of others, since they are purchased from the American counter, they must be accurate. However, there are some things that need to be cut off in the original order, and there are also some situations where the internal standard and post standard are deliberately not done, because the first party will control the number of standards in order to avoid incurring costs, so the factory will have to post match the standard.


Category 4

Low key brands that have some strength in China but are rarely understood by Chinese people, such as MeliMelo/Loewe/Anya, etc

This type of bag is the best in my opinion, and I will also keep it myself. The purchase price (basic specification handbags) is usually above 1500, because there are few people who need it, and the pressure of competition between me and my peers is not huge. Many customers do not recognize this type of brand, so the agent naturally does not take it. Many people are willing to buy PRADA at the same price.

Some of my clients are studying in the United States and sending them through their own transportation, so they are very familiar with some niche brands. This type of brand is still not very well-known in China, but it seems to be a big brand, so the quality is very good. The customer supplied nappa calf leather by Luo Yiwei is really delicate to the point where people can't put it down. Fortunately, getting the original order really makes them feel like they have made the same profit.

Wsxc1690160701989_ 3. jpg

When determining the authenticity of such original orders, the quality of the leather should be taken into consideration. It is best to go to the counter and take a look at the leather material before proceeding. If the color and fineness of the leather material are the same as those of the counter, it indicates that it is the true original order. As for internal labels, it really doesn't matter. I bought dozens of them on Taobao for 100 yuan, and how to print them. If we judge the authenticity of these bags based on the labels, it's really putting the cart before the horse.


Based on my years of experience in foreign trade, it's not difficult to find these things 10 years back. After translating for a foreign trade processing factory ten years ago, Kenzo's T-shirts that couldn't pass the quality inspection were handed over to the scrap collector in bundles. After that, buying the original order was not a difficult task, as you wouldn't understand the value of the original order. But don't think that the people who made the original order after that have all made a fortune. Wrong, there are few people who know the goods, and the goods are not easy to sell. It can only be said that if you hoard all the goods from then on, it will be truly valuable until now, and how many people will do so. With the proliferation of counterfeit goods or the update of genuine intellectual property rights, everyone understands the value of the original order, and as more and more people make it, profits will inevitably decrease.

I have also told you the purchase prices of various bags later, so the actual original cost will not be very low, and no one will sell them at a price of one tenth of the counter price. Half of the propositions at the beginning are not valid.

Okay, that's all for the bag. Next time, let's talk about watches


This industry has a lot of depth, and many people refer to high imitation as selling original products and authentic products as purchasing and selling on behalf of others. But I don't think it's really necessary. I will write down every product clearly, which ones are the original orders at the batch level, which ones are genuine, which ones are original leather, original hardware, not original factory assembly, which ones are high imitation, and which channels are what channels. Customers can clearly understand after knowing.

Here are a few authentic online stores that are good,

Some are all genuine products, while others are sold as a mix of genuine and fake products. They will point out that

Women's clothing

Judy's room

Judy's house was one of the earliest foreign trade women's clothing stores on Tmall (in 2004), offering excellent quality and affordable prices

PP Jia You Yi Liang Pin

My favorite retro minimalist, often bought at her house

Dixi Foreign Trade Women's Clothing

Gentle and light cooked style. I have bought a very fairy skirt and the quality is very good! Having bought a coat, the unique feel is really unbearable... Recommendation.

Invincible little fart dog


These goods with their own advantages can be seen as original packaging, either with good relationships with the manufacturer or simply from their own factory. How do they sell high quality imitation bags? International frontline Xiaoxiang/LV/YSL/Bulgari, which can generate store advantages

Authentic Mimi Zara counter

Main Zara, the quantity is still small, but it is definitely good, with a small amount of men's clothing

Lao Li Ridan Excellent Product

Both men and women's clothing are available. Despite the poor screenshots, things are definitely good

Atrip Foreign Trade

Tailored for Asians, Japanese and Korean style

Lifu Cabin High Quality Women's Clothing

A high-quality foreign trade product with numerous professional groups of dresses. There are also women's casual wear.

Honey flavored beans

I really have no privacy at all... This store can buy many cute dresses, and attending a cocktail party or something is completely stress-free

FINO: hereagain

Um, this is recommended for girls who like Japanese cuisine. However, based on my judgment, there must be mixed sales with orders. I suggest asking before buying

Original lingerie stores in Europe and America

Underwear stores with high cost-effectiveness, mostly from Europe and America

Mint Green Orange

Underwear store, mainly exporting tail orders to Japan

Heart language butterfly Europe and America

The shops in Suzhou are generally good

Men's clothing

Moon Stan

The supply is quite diverse, both men and women have it, highly recommended, and the price is cheap

Laoguan Foreign Trade

The old foreign trade stores in Qingdao have a more developed production industry for export, and the outflow of original orders is also very common

Between the clouds, clear water, and clouds

The strong source of goods is the Spanish brand MD, with a style that leans towards business and leisure.

Red scarf retro fashion clothing

Cheap conscience shop. I bought a sweater in winter, it's so good that I cried. There are fake products, but the cost-effectiveness is very high

Yipingtang Old Store

This store also has men's clothing, which is slightly higher in grade than the previous one. It feels like a blessing for lazy people. Simple style.

Old Huang Grocery Original List

The appearance of the men's windbreaker is pretty good. There are mixed sales of women's clothing, just click on the clothing category to see. The original cabbage order. (Have you noticed the plain style of laying on the ground? And obviously, the picture has not been modified.)

Maigao Foreign Trade

This company is suitable for both teachers and working men. Handsome and sunny. The shoes are so beautiful!!

Ruixin Foreign Trade

Good value for money, everything is complete, enough to fit all together, but there are products made, pay attention to identification

4s men's clothing

The store has a strong supply of goods, and there are many that are still unique. The price is also suitable, and it is worth recommending

Qingdao Foreign Trade Wholesale

I bought it online in this store, but later went to a physical store and chatted with the owner. He is a very practical boss, and everything is genuine. I absolutely agree with it unconditionally

Hedgehog [Flowing Ten Colors]

This store often conducts activities on original forums, which is quite recognized. There is no doubt about counterfeiting, so feel free to buy. However, the price is a bit high, and of course, it is relatively cheap compared to the counter

Weiweijia Foreign Trade Shop

The forum moderator's store only sells clothes and pants, with a good reputation and better quality

Fashion E8

Formal attire is the main focus, and there are too many good things. Although things are expensive and valuable, they are suitable for buying clothes that occupy a place in the wardrobe

Ocean Foreign Trade

Things worth recommending, pay attention to distinguishing


Boss Cao CLB regains the banner of Fujian's foreign trade shoes

Boss Cao has a wide supply of goods and frequently updates. He has bought many shoes from his home and the prices are suitable. The vast majority of genuine products, such as crowns, wide toe shoes, and today's polo, are all good. Luxury goods are imitated by WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, after sales, I directly went to find Boss Cao himself. Personally, I was very satisfied, and there were also Y3 and other clothes, all of which were unique

Longxiang Foreign Trade Shoes

These niche brands, some of which have not been heard of before coming to this store, are the most reassuring. Who will fake them if they haven't even heard of them

New Excellent Foreign Trade Women's Shoes

Good looking and cheap

Fuzhou Horse Tail Authentic Broken Shoes

The main focus is on work clothes and shoes, which should be genuine. I have bought his Jeep and it is definitely worth the money

Partner Foreign Trade Men's Shoes

The store in Xiamen, Fujian has a highly developed local shoe making industry, and many domestic and foreign brands come from there with diverse styles and good cost-effectiveness. It is mainly a niche brand and can be trusted

Huihui Large Shoes

The short boots at this store look good, I have bought three pairs. It's cute and cost-effective! Cabbage Price Foreign Trade Mall! Suitable for summer shopping and casual wear~Cabbage doesn't hurt!

Diebu Foreign Trade Large Women's Shoes

Here comes another foreign trade cabbage shop, and the quality is quite good. I bought several pairs of shoes~

Xinxin Shangpin Women's Shoes

Come again, cost-effectiveness!! Buying N pairs casually doesn't hurt at all...

Lao Wan VANS Counter Wholesale Warehouse

Vendors selling vans are actually inventory stores. Sellers have their own physical stores, so they maintain authenticity and sell inventory at low prices online, resulting in high cost-effectiveness


Seeking oneself

All kinds of accessories are my love, and after traveling, I love to buy local accessories the most! I have lost the most in this regard, as I have saved hundreds of earrings at home. Wearing socks every day is a great mood! A month without duplicate samples and no pressure~~This store was found after a price comparison, cheap and high-quality. Not only is it versatile and the best price, but the store owner also sends thoughtful pictures to teach how to wire.... It's just a conscience shop! Literary minimalism~Recommended for girls!

Fashion Korean bag

Her bag is really beautiful and has a strong sense of design, as well as excellent quality and details