How is the quality of Putian shoes? What are the qualities of Putian Chaopai?

2023-08-11 21:37

In fact, when people see trendy brands, they may think that (Nike, Air,) has no response. He is the leader of trendy brands, but it is so expensive that it will make fans eat dirt.

A pair of very ordinary ajs costs several thousand, and a pair of coconuts also costs around four thousand. For ordinary people like you, if you want to catch up with the trend, how can the economy not allow it? Luxury goods are highly imitated on WeChat: GZ_ Scp8,

What is the quality of Putian shoes?

Becoming a person who has been in Putian for many years, let's put it this way. Authentic craftsmanship is the same as genuine craftsmanship.

Why buy Putian shoes?

There is a market, and some sellers with channels will have their own regular customers, or buyers will have their own way to buy a pair of good Putian shoes.

Although I have been in this business for two years, it is a strange phenomenon that the majority of people who buy Putian are not losers, but have more money to live in. Later on, they gradually realized that in their eyes, the quality of the counter was no longer as good as before, and the shoes in Putian were of good quality, with better prices only one-third to quarter that of the counter. Why not.


There is a reason for its existence. Some poor people wear Putian clothes with over 300 yuan, which you think are real, while some people who are not so wealthy wear genuine clothes with the money they have saved, but are turned into dogs by them.

It's hard to tune in, just go with your heart and don't care what others say. I'm happy, I'm happy, that's enough!

What are the tastes of Putian shoes?

Currency, the lowest level of goods, poor wiring and foot feel are not good. Generally, only those who offer prices sell without guarantee.

Super A currency, by analogy, the quality is similar to that of Anta Li Ning, and there is no major problem with wearing it normally for about a year.

How is the quality of genuine Putian shoes? What are the qualities of Putian Chaopai?, High similarity with the counter, unique midsole wiring, with glue injection holes in the front and back, and excellent foot feel. High imitation A-goods luxury WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, the quality of shoes can also be comparable to that of the counter. The materials from the channels are processed in Putian, but of course, the processed ones in the large market are much better, no different from the counter. (Clothes like Coconut UB and AJ have the same hand and foot feel as the counter, especially clothes with popcorn bottoms. Customers have reported that the foot feel is exactly the same as a genuine product.)

Channel company products, some shoe sellers, such as me, pretend to distinguish between high imitation and genuine shoes. Occasionally, some styles have their own channels to obtain genuine products, but the price will also be high. Luxury goods are high imitation WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, but only one-third to half of the counters.


Original factory goods are very rare, and occasionally a batch of them may emerge from the market, which can be obtained through channels. In recent years, due to management issues with Nike Adidas, the supply of such goods has also been basically cut off. Some of the original products are mostly fake and unreliable.

Whether Putian shoes are good or not is up to you.

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