Common sense and popularization of luxury goods such as high imitation bags and precision imitation

2023-08-11 20:58

In recent years, China's luxury goods high imitation bag consumption industry has been booming, with huge demand. It is not surprising that Chinese people can afford this. A genuine LV bag costs tens of thousands of yuan. How many people can afford it? So the only way to earn face is to find a replica. Nowadays, the common people are very smart, and the production of bags is far from being as flashy as the price. The common people also understand the principle of cost-effectiveness in this new era. So it is one of the main factors why high imitation bags are so popular at present!

Let's start with classification

Anyone who has a slight understanding of relevant common sense can say it out of ten. What is one-on-one, high imitation A-


goods luxury WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, the original leather, and even the top level can be mentioned. However, it seems that many people still cannot distinguish it very well, which requires them to have a lot of relevant knowledge about leather goods. And in many cases, this knowledge may cost you the so-called tuition fees. We understand that it is common for these people to negotiate a price of 3000 yuan for a bag, which can be reduced to 1500 yuan. After the 1500 transaction, you may not even know that you bought a low imitation that was only a few hundred yuan. In fact, currently these people and businesses are stealing many concepts to exceed the purpose of deceiving people. After reading the luxury replica bags, high imitation bags, and precision imitation bags below. Luxury imitation WeChat: GZ_ The knowledge popularization of SCP8 is helpful for parents! First of all, let's talk about the so-called A goods, which do not belong to high imitation. The quality of the materials used for A goods is poor, and high imitation can take several streets.

Now you can divide the level of high imitation into four categories, from low to high:


B Original leather

C Overseas original order

1. 1:1 is a genuine 1:1 replica bag, high imitation bag, and precision imitation bag. No matter how you call it, it belongs to imitation. That is, using materials such as ordinary cowhide and sheepskin in a ratio of 1 to 1 of genuine products, with higher craftsmanship requirements, low cost, but also low price. 1: 1 is the most basic condition~If the 1:1 size doesn't match, then it's still okay. Most WeChat merchants sell this type, why? It's simple~maximizing the expected returns of WeChat. Are WeChat quotes too high and not being blacklisted by you? But customers who do not usually understand this type of bag will not be picky. Even small agents can earn money at a lower price~Why not? Even though it's worth noting! The overall process and hardware stitching have undergone significant changes. To put it bluntly, in the minds of even those who don't understand, they are basically considered junk goods. Please forgive Milan for speaking too bluntly. But even if these bags are cheap, you can take a few months to go to the trash can for vacation. And on the screen, you dare not recite it because you personally think it's obvious that you're cheating.

2. The original leather (some may say customized) is equipped with the original leather material on a 1:1 replica technology, with more delicate workmanship. The price of domestic original leather is slightly higher, while the price of imported original leather is higher. The original leather ratio is 1:1, which is another level higher. It's true that what I said seems pretty good, but it seems that the slightly upgraded leather is a bit better for some customers who like to use leather to measure the quality of their bags. Get a touch~smell~It seems like a good tragedy, I believe these people have suffered this loss.

3. Overseas original orders are the top-


notch replica bags, high imitation watches, and precision imitation bags, made of domestic original leather with ultra fine workmanship. Luxury goods are precision imitation WeChat: GZ_ SCP8 has reached the point where fake products are replaced by genuine ones, which is not recognized by non professional experts. The price is also slightly higher, and manual sewing or machine sewing will be considered based on the color. Suitable for friends with high requirements, and more importantly, hardware (such as buttons, zippers, hooks, logos, etc.) is meticulously crafted. No solder joints, edge polishing, etc. My friend took it over to see the details but couldn't tell the slightest hint. This category is the true high imitation package, precision imitation package, and replica package. The Milan station only sells this type of product.

Milan Station provides a variety of high-end clothing (belts, men's bags, women's bags, leather jackets, etc.) with synchronized packaging and invoices, giving customers the feeling of synchronized counters

Tail order (also known as Yu Dan, whatever you call it is bullshit): This type of term is commonly preferred by WeChat merchants. But Milan station can tell you pure deception. Most WeChat introductions say that the final order is genuine. Is it possible? A concept that is easy to understand. If the genuine product has not gone bankrupt, it means there is no final order. If you buy a bag and you say that my bag is the last order~it is the same as the genuine one! What counter inspection? What materials are the same? Sorry, please delete them mercilessly. Are you really a fool to be a genuine leather goods manufacturer... Have some luck and I'll give you a top-level bag. Bad luck is just a small agent fooling around and sending a low imitation product.

In fact, we understand that genuine products also have flaws, and you can find many counter examples on Baidu! Once a person goes to a genuine store to buy a bag, they will definitely not pick it up and choose it over, because that kind of thing looks very disrespectful. If they buy a replica bag, a high imitation bag, a refined imitation bag, or a luxury goods imitation WeChat: GZ_ SCP8 may be inspected very carefully, with no wires, oil edges, hardware, or even a single thread end left behind. If the product can be disassembled, I am not worried that someone will take it apart one by one! However, nowadays, these relatives want to buy good products, even if the price is higher, but the quality is better because the users have high requirements. A truly top-notch original, with fame and quality compared to the counter, the cost cannot be reduced at all! Afterwards, these unscrupulous and unscrupulous sellers often refer to various names such as original orders, final orders, OEM goods, artisan goods, mouse warehouses, OEM goods, original factory goods, and so on.

However, in fact, I can tell everyone very carefully that for luxury goods, let alone many luxury goods, there are no OEM factories in China. Even in the category of OEM factories in China, channel control is very, very strict. It is impossible for so-called genuine tail orders to flow out of the market for such a long time, let alone any inventory or defective products to be sold. Otherwise, they would have gone bankrupt long ago.

In fact, just looking at screenshots on WeChat cannot tell the quality of any product, it needs to be felt and smelled. It depends on hardware because many people online this time are not the source of goods, they are all the agents of the other party. To be honest, they have not seen the goods themselves and have no way to judge whether they are good or bad. Even though he doesn't understand the package as much as you do, he has a situation where agents are also recruiting, so just looking at screenshots won't make him look anything! Attention! Not to mention the depth of this industry, where can I buy high-


end imitation bags? Real luxury goods, exquisite imitation WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, the price difference is huge. Let's talk about the common sense and popularization of luxury goods such as high imitation bags and precision imitation bags. Many people told me that she bought a bag from a certain house, and the price is relatively expensive. The buyer guarantees that it is genuine and can inspect the goods at a counter. Dear, I want to say three words to you, don't be silly.

Regarding the so-called container inspection process:

Domestic counters do not provide inspection services at all! Some with a better service attitude will ask you to present receipts and receipts for purchases made at the counter (note that they are the vouchers for purchases made at the counter, not from any other counter). For those with a bad attitude, you will take a bag to the counter for inspection, and relatives can try to see if anyone has dumped you. They will only treat you as a clown. The Hong Kong counter used to support inspection, but now with the evolution of e-commerce, the channels are too chaotic and almost no longer provide inspection services. So to summarize the first point, the counter does not provide inspection services at all!