How many levels can high imitation bags be classified into luxury bags and how to distinguish them

2023-08-11 20:52

How to Buy High Quality A-Class Goods for High Imitation Bag Luxury Goods

There are several levels of high imitation luxury bags, and according to the different levels, you can select the ones that are truly suitable for you. Below is an introduction to each level and how to distinguish its authenticity. Not to be deceived or kept in the dark.

The so-called classification of grades is based on comparison and later classification. When a manufacturer manufactures a product with the highest grade, other factories follow suit to produce higher grade products.


Goods below grade A: The only ones that look genuine are probably only the logo, and perhaps even a bag or handbag with a high imitation LV trademark. As for whether LV company can manufacture these products, it doesn't matter. The key is to have the "LV" printed on them. Most of them are in the street stall level, and it's easy to see that they are imitation goods, and the prices are also very affordable. Based on the A-level evaluation, there are currently 5 levels known on the market:

1、 A: Actually, it's a comparison of the level of B-grade high imitation goods, with a slightly better texture than B-grade. Leather and stitching are made by lathe workers, and the packaging is also slightly better than B-grade goods. High imitation bags made of cowhide double layer leather are divided into several levels and how to distinguish the levels. Therefore, unlike genuine products, they become waxy over time.

2、 A+: It is made of cowhide top layer, which will become a dense wax color, but the quality is similar to that of A goods. The skin texture, metal color, is very ordinary, and changes can be felt by touching. The feel of these clothes is very rough.

Trinity to One (Super A): Super A is made from a high-end cowhide top layer, which is considered to be above average and the production process is much more refined because the price is reasonable. The original luxury item is WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, the product quality is also acceptable. The first bag I bought was of this grade. The shopkeeper told me it was the original order, but when I got it, neither leather nor hardware would do. I really want to cry without tears.

Four original versions: Made from domestic cowhide, it is a high-end product that will not be rough or shoddy. It takes time and precision to produce, and has strict quality control. It emphasizes strict and down-to-earth craftsmanship, and is the best choice for those who buy high-quality imitation bags at a relatively low price. This type of bag is very popular among the majority of the public, and will not be seen as fake when walking on the road. It is full of face.


By the way, let me talk about the difference between 1:1 and the original leather. 1: Because it is ordinary leather material, it is only imitated according to the genuine 1:1 ratio, and it does not smell like leather. But the original leather has a peculiar smell of leather.. Generally, consumers usually use a 1:1 ratio, and the quality is still good. However, currently, due to your increasingly fierce eyes, you are becoming more picky about the luxury products around you. The original leather is imported from the original leather, and you go directly to the color program. The texture is natural, not compressed.

The original leather has clear and irregular texture, just like human fingerprints, which are unique. It seems simple to distinguish, as the patterns of the original leather are not as regular as regular cowhide, as they grow naturally and cannot be completely similar. The original leather is durable, and the more you use it, the more shiny it becomes. Luxury original WeChat: GZ_ SCP8 is the top-level cowhide, comparable to non regular cowhide.

The quality of Wuyuan Single is made of high-quality domestic leather, and the daily production is limited. The production process is all made by hand, needle by thread, with exquisite craftsmanship and first-class texture. Due to the limited daily production and the fact that it is made of high-quality materials, the price remains high. For those who love bags, this type of bag is worth collecting.