Where are luxury goods simulation products available? Cheap authentic and high imitation watches

2023-08-11 20:36

1. Where to load luxury simulation products

Fine imitation is the same as the original. High imitation is 1:1. After all, fine imitation is much more expensive than high imitation

2. Where is the best place to stock luxury simulation products

Qing Dynasty imitation Ding kiln

Qing porcelain and Qing Dynasty imitated blue and white porcelain,

The main types include box, water container, basin, bowl, plate, washing, bottle, statue, jar, and jar.

The imitation blue and white porcelain of the Qing Dynasty still imitates the soft body of the Song Ding kiln on the fetal bones,

However, there has been a soft but not firm appearance;

The color tone and smoothness of the glaze decoration are still similar to those of the Song Ding kiln,

However, there were no tear marks or burrs;

Imitate the carved flowers and stripes of Song Jun kiln on pottery, luxury original single watch WeChat: GZ_ Scp8, but the shape has changed.

Plants and birds are commonly seen in Song Dynasty artifacts, while auspicious decorative patterns were commonly seen in the Qing Dynasty.

The imitation of Ru kilns in the mid to late Song Dynasty was only seen during the Qing Dynasty and the Daoguang period.

Jiaqing imitation glaze is relatively white, especially when fired with typical wavy glaze, which is easy to recognize.

Daoguang imitates the fixed glaze, with a white and smooth glaze color, which is very different from the Song Ding kiln.

3. Where can luxury simulation products be sold cheaply

The quality of genuine watches is the same as that of high imitation watches. Although the difference between a 100 yuan watch and a 10000 yuan watch is just timing, the reason why these genuine famous watches are so expensive is that in addition to high brand awareness, they are also of high craftsmanship, high quality, and exquisite imitation watches must not be the same as the real watches. But at present, the exquisite watches use the Swiss imported movement, and high imitation luxury goods WeChat: GZ_ Scp8, aa blue diamond mirror, 316 precision steel material, packaging appearance completely synchronized with the counter


4. Where to purchase top-level imitations

Top level professionals who are not very professional are generally unable to distinguish between genuine and fake products. For low-end imitations, as long as they are genuine shoes that have slightly used LV or have a little understanding of LV bags, they can basically determine the quality at a glance.

How to distinguish between regular and high-end goods, there is still a lot of knowledge involved. I have ten years of experience in the high imitation luxury goods market, and I will briefly explain it to you based on my own experience.

1. Look at the right flower. A top-level bag is designed to match the pattern of flowers, which means that in terms of appearance, shape and size, and the position of each flower, it is the same as a genuine product. This is called a pair of flowers, which means that the left, right, top, and bottom are symmetrical. If the flowers of a bag are asymmetrical, then it is obviously not a top-level bag.

2. Check the discoloration of the leather part. If it is cheap, usually the leather matching part is made of PU, which feels smooth to the touch and has a strong plastic smell. If it is top-notch, it is made of imported discolored genuine leather, which has a leather like fit. The skin's face can be seen, and after dripping, it will turn yellow. When the water dries, the red gradually disappears. After using top-notch leather matching, it is highly imitated from A-grade luxury goods on WeChat: GZ_ SCP8 will also undergo oxidation and discoloration over time, gradually changing from light blue to coral pink or even deeper. The entire discoloration process is the same as that of a genuine leather match.

3. Looking at the hardware, the hardware color of low-end goods is very white and bright, and the surface is not very smooth. The carving on the hardware is shallow, very rough, and unclear. The hardware material of top end goods is close to that of genuine luxury goods. Where can we find cheap genuine and high imitation watches? The texture is good, the polishing effect is smooth, and the carving on the hardware is very clear and visible. The zipper of low-end goods has very little resistance when pulled up, especially for high-end imitation luxury jewelry. The top-level hardware zipper has a slight damping feeling when pulled up, and the sound is very hard, giving it a sense of heaviness.


4. It can also be distinguished by taste. Low end products have a taste of glue and leather, while top end products have almost no taste. 5. From the perspective of craftsmanship, it can also be judged that top-notch goods are exquisitely crafted, with every stitch being perfect, while low-end goods have relatively rough craftsmanship and wiring. Actually, there are also other ways to determine, so I won't go into detail here.

5. Simulate luxury goods procurement channels

Shiseido can only be sold in franchise counters or duty-free stores, and the products are uniformly distributed according to demand by the company in China, without any retail purchasing channels.

6. Where to buy high quality luxury goods

Hello, people who buy luxury and high imitation bags are all driven by vanity.

7. Where to purchase high quality luxury goods

We need to see what high quality luxury goods they are. Some are quite reliable, while others are not

8. How much is a luxury imitation

Luxury goods were once legitimate big brand products. High imitation is a high degree of imitation created by these bold criminals. High imitation A luxury goods WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, these fake goods are called A-goods. Anyway, buying and selling pirated copies are both crimes.

9. Where can I buy exquisite luxury goods

Recommend buying medieval and second-hand luxury handbags at a much lower price. You can also buy shoes for 8000 or 9000 at the counter for 2000 or 3000 yuan. The key is that what you buy is genuine! Even if you buy it and keep it well, you can still sell it for a second time and still sell it for a good price. Some limited edition, rare accessories will also decrease in price over time. In addition, the quality of authentic bags must be better than those of high imitation ones.