Where can I buy a reliable imitation bag? WeChat is the most reliable, provided that it supports ret

2023-08-11 20:27

Hello! Hello, I am Xiao Chen, who has been working in the Shenzhen leather goods market for many years. Every day, I recommend and share the latest and trendy products with you. Today, let's take a look at where to buy a reliable imitation bag? WeChat merchants introduced by relatives are the most trustworthy, provided that they can support returns without reason within seven days.…

Hello! Hello, I am Xiao Chen, who has been working in the Shenzhen leather goods market for many years. Every day, I recommend and share the latest and trendy products with you. Today, let's take a look at where to buy a reliable imitation bag? WeChat merchants introduced by relatives are the most reliable, as long as they can support returns without any reason for seven days, as classmates have already purchased and understand the quality. Guangzhou is a concentrated source of goods, most of which are exported to other countries. Even if there is no introduction, then find it yourself, just like you saw my article today. Choosing honest merchants is the key, providing high-


quality services, and collaborating extensively is the key. Letter:

Where can I buy a precision imitation bag? Channel: 1. Purchase from local physical stores

2. Looking for a WeChat merchant recommended by a friend to purchase, in fact, these people may think that it is not appropriate to buy a replica of the original single bag through WeChat, but in fact, this is because you have not found a suitable WeChat shop owner. 3. Purchase on platforms such as Taobao, Pinduoduo Store, 1688, etc

Taobao online stores can be said to be the first choice for imitation bags, mainly because returns and exchanges are very convenient, and imitation bags on Taobao are clearly marked with prices. Where can I buy reliable imitation bags? WeChat is the most reliable, provided that it supports returns without reason within seven days, so there are no drawbacks such as being deceived or deceived. But the imitation bags bought on Taobao are usually more expensive than other channels, and the quality is also very average. 4. Purchased through Tiktok Kwai and other live broadcast platforms, the level of Tiktok's big brand bags is very low, and the price is still only several hundred. The original list of luxury goods is WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, but you usually regret buying it because the quality is really average and fake at first glance. Basically, there is no after-sales service, and the broadcast room may be blocked at any time, so it is recommended that you do not go to Tiktok to buy big brand bags. Because there are many big brand bags inside that look beautiful, all for reasons of beauty and lighting. Once you receive the clothes, you will understand that what I'm saying is true. 5. Manufacturers, usually you can't find them, and buying one or two clothes disdains them. Generally, manufacturers have numerous agents who continuously assist in shipping. 6. Go to Guangzhou to purchase. As mentioned earlier, several leather goods cities are from different regions, and the prices are much cheaper. Wholesale purchases can be considered. That's all for sharing. I will remind you to buy the original order bag, luxury goods original order WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, don't be greedy for cheap, after all, you get what you pay for! Find a trustworthy purchase but save time and effort.


What is a high-end precision imitation bag? By splitting the genuine bag and then cutting and molding according to the proportional size before manufacturing, the shape and packaging of the product may vary, which also refers to a restoration of the original bag. There may be differences in quality between replica bags and original bags, but a good imitation bag is very similar to a genuine bag in terms of workmanship, wiring, and other aspects. It is difficult to distinguish the two at first glance, but there are still differences in reality. For replica bags, the after-sales work can only be carried out in the selected store and local area for maintenance, while the genuine bags are products from China Unicom.

Firstly,&quo; Original order” If it's worn out, it's just a top-level original order. The original order refers to the excess or defective products manufactured by the original manufacturer. In fact, there are so many OEM factories with so much excess leather and hardware, some of which are not available in China, while others are very small. So the current original order is only a pronoun. Luxury original WeChat: GZ_ Which manufacturer is the best for scp8 and replica packaging? Firstly, it depends on which brand it is. Some factories only manufacture one brand, and the quality of this product will definitely not be poor. Secondly, it is the original mold factory, which buys it from the counter and then disassembles it and makes a 1:1 replica. This is obviously only a large factory product, which is small and expensive. Thirdly, the original order factory obtains some raw materials through special channels, which are very expensive and small in quantity. Due to the high cost of taking the goods, general WeChat merchants are not willing to sell it and cannot start a price. The fourth is some high-volume factories, which have medium and inferior quality, which is the easiest to buy currency and the price is also moderate. So top-


level reproduction is the most suitable. It doesn't really matter where to buy it.

The main replica brands include the following major brands, among others:

Balenciaga, Koch COACH, Gucci, Prada PRADA, Chanel,

What is the difference between Louis Vuitton, LV, Hermes, Dior, Givenchy high imitation bags and genuine bags?, Silin, Sailin, Baboli, Boboli, Armani,

Fendi, MCM, Balenciaga, Koch, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Dior, Mengkou, Versace, Givenchy, Zegna, Fendi, Crosin,

To the north, Canada Goose, TB Tom, DG, Dujia Banner, Valentino, Roylwell, Saint Laurent, Moschino, BV Butterfly House…

The market is very chaotic now, at least in the eyes of laypeople, it is a state of confusion. The real industry prices, quality, and so on are absolutely mixed and uneven. From the one-to-one ratio in the early years, to the original leather and top-level reproductions at that time, and now to the various styles of traditional Chinese and Western European products, such as tail orders, outer orders, and authentic original orders, my only mentality is to have a profound understanding of what makes people feel inadequate.

1. Usually, the 1:1 replica bag is made of high-quality materials, and the shop owners of major manufacturers in Guangdong shop for VIP. They buy it home and disassemble it, and the original hardware mold is made. Sometimes, it costs several hundred thousand yuan to conquer a small detail, and the workmanship is exquisite. The original luxury goods order is WeChat: GZ_ SCP8 can surpass very high quality and level, and popular manufacturers like these can basically surpass the level of fake products. It's not something that can be seen just by looking at pictures, such as the touch, weight, oiliness, corner details, wiring length, and so on of each bag. 2. Small processing factories mostly gather leather and hardware in the market, without their own valuable items, and the prices seem cheap, which is the most available currency. Leather hardware also has advantages and disadvantages, and each small factory has its own positioning. 3. Finally, there were individual brand OEM factories that secretly used excess&# quo; Original” Fabric, paired with a batch of domestic raw materials (such as hardware logos, zippers, leather, etc.), using the same pattern as the original product to create the previous style, this is" Original Order&# quo;, This kind of saying is sincere and cannot be said to be lacking, but it is really rare. Like a factory I worked with, there are usually only dozens of models, and after each model is released, there are only a few dozen, and soon they are sold out by the agent. So don't trust those who say smallpox is drunk.

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