How do you buy authentic dad shoes and what is the difference between high imitation Balencia shoes?

2023-08-11 15:23

We all understand that Paris dad shoes are very expensive, so how do you buy authentic dad shoes and what are the differences between high imitation Balencian dad shoes? If you just like the color, you can buy a high imitation. During the shopping period, remember to learn to distinguish between real and fake!

How much is the price of authentic Balenciaga's father's shoes

The authentic Balenciaga father shoes are around $795, and the purchasing price fluctuates around this price.


This gust of wind is really super strong, as early as after its appearance at London Fashion Week in January; DadShoes&# quo; It often receives attention. This pair of shoes was personally crafted by Demna, combining shoes, track and field shoes, and football shoes. Luxury replica WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, made of distressed luxury leather and jacquard material, handmade and embellished with&quo& Rdquo; Embroidered logo.

On September 21st, three versions, brown, gray, and black, were launched in major stores and online stores in China for a price of up to $795. This is only the selling price, after being targeted by celebrities.. You understand. Is it too expensive? Well, anyway, the editor can't afford to buy it. After buying it, don't mention clothes or shoes. He can't even afford to wear pantyhose.

For example, the most popular father's shoe is YEEZYWave700. As the latest Coconut series shoe to be launched, this shoe shape has also been controversial, some people think it's very ugly, and some people think it's too ugly. The official price is $300 euros. This does not affect its online pre-sale status. Luxury goods are imitated on WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, after all, Kanye has been exposed on his feet multiple times.

How to buy authentic dad shoes

1、 Overseas purchasing agency

Firstly, you need to pay customs duties; Furthermore, you need to provide customs clearance information; In theory, it is possible to return or exchange goods, but in practice, it is difficult not to return or exchange goods at all; After a long wait of one or two months, you have already received the goods, and you have noticed slight changes in the shoes, such as glue overflow and wiring issues. I'm telling you, you may have bought a pair of fake shoes. Yes, that's right. It's a high imitation sold from Putian to the United States, and you bought it back home.

2、 Purchase on Taobao Store

There are quite a few storefronts on Taobao selling Balenciaga's father's shoes and S vintage shoes, with prices ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands of yuan, and they are still shipped on the same day. Don't worry about a few hundred yuan, it's definitely junk in high imitation. Thousands or even tens of thousands of shoes are not genuine. To be honest, not only do our local factories hoard a pile of shoes without calculating profits, but all stores and wholesales do not hoard shoes. We report the goods to the factory after we cut off the order on the same day, and then the factory delivers them to our warehouse that night, and sends them out by express delivery late at night.


Don't choose foreign purchasing agents or Tmall, as buying at a high price may not be satisfactory. However, a few Taobao online stores' Balenciaga Daddy Shoes S seem to be only highly imitated, but in terms of quality, they can still be compared to genuine products. However, selling them as genuine products for tens of thousands or even tens of thousands is a bit unfair. Why does Taobao have the confidence to sell high-quality imitation shoes as genuine products? It is because these shoes are very scarce and are of special quality supplied by OEM factories.

What is special quality? It is a bit complicated to say that this may be the industry chain of JD stores and manufacturers, that is, they use the same raw materials and processes in the original OEM factory to produce the same clothes as the authentic ones, and then the factory will only provide some online stores with information on how to buy authentic dad shoes. What's the difference between high imitation Balishika shoes?, Other merchants do not have channels to purchase.

This type of clothing, which is the same as genuine, is referred to as exclusive quality by professionals. The quality of products provided by Intel is not as expensive as that of genuine products, which consumes a huge amount of advertising and labor costs. Therefore, the profit per pair of shoes is low. Is the quality of high-quality imitation clothes and genuine products similar to those exclusively sold by Taobao online stores?, The profit from a pair of shoes is four to five thousand yuan, which is really a windfall# P # Subtitle # e#

What is the difference between high imitation Balinese family dad shoes

1、 Company level

Company level Balenciaga grandpa shoes and dad shoes S. The raw materials of the upper and shoes are the same as those used in the original packaging. The upper and heel have no signs of aging, and the sole has no sense of layering. It is very rare on the market and the price is relatively low.

2、 Reprint

Reprint Balenciaga Grandfather Shoes and Daddy Shoes S. This model has the highest cost-effectiveness and does not need to be worn out (I cannot accept the exaggeration of being worn out, but I really like the pairing and colors of the Balencia family to choose from). In fact, wearing new clothes for a week will only reveal the old feeling of nature. There is no doubt that the shoes will not be worn out. The parts and details of the shoes are not inferior to the genuine ones. The same genuine shoes are factory molded and have a 6-


step combination sole. The shoes have a fault sole and are made of the same material as the genuine ones. The upper is made of special mesh material, with high density, compactness, and temperament, which is different from other high imitation materials such as loose fabrics on the market. The sole is made of color, Wear resistant, anti slip, and pressure resistant. The price is about 200 yuan cheaper than the highest version.

3、 Maximum version

The highest version of Balenciaga Grandfather Shoes and Daddy Shoes S. Adopting a hollowed out thick sole, a 6-step combination sole, oxidized and worn out, the sole turns yellow and has a uniform color, which is different from the color wiping and worn out on the market; The upper adopts a characteristic mesh material with high density, compactness, and temperament, which is different from other high imitation fabrics such as loose fabrics on the market; The shoes have a faulty sole and have undergone damage treatment on the heel, giving them a sense of vicissitudes, which is different from the feeling of being old and dirty in the market.