How much do you know about the difference between high imitation watches and regular imitations?

2023-08-11 15:02

I believe these people will not be unfamiliar with the level of high imitation watches; High imitation; A particularly fragile word, although the shipment volume of high imitation watches is very large after everyone shouts it out, making it easy to overlook its invincible" Jianghu status;. Of course, many people may not be aware that high imitation watches are also classified into different levels. Currently, the watch with the highest degree of simulation is called" Reproducing Table”. Here, I would like to share with you&quo; Reproduction” This term originally meant that a certain brand was once again manufacturing a watch style that was about to be discontinued, and luxury goods were highly imitated on WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, this is called replication. However, at present, it has been damaged by some high imitation watch buyers in China…

In fact, not only are the best replica watches, but there are also some very low versions of regular imitations. Many people prefer to classify high imitation watches into two categories: replica watches and regular imitation watches, such as which local stall goods, high imitation watches, and precision imitation watches. So what are the differences between them? Please continue to look at them later.


1. Different materials

Everyone knows that the most commonly used style for watches is stainless steel, which is naturally the case for replica watches. However, some ordinary imitations use alloy colors that are not comparable to stainless steel.

For example, there are many types of materials used in watches such as stainless steel, such as ceramics. For replica watches, zirconia ceramics that are consistent with the original version will be used, while for regular imitations, electroplating black technology will be used, which may fade over time.

There are many types of wrist watch materials, so I won't introduce them to you one by one due to limited space.

2. Different movements

The movement is often the most important part of a watch, it is the most important part of a watch; Heart;. How much do you know about the difference between domestically produced high imitation watches and general imitation watches?, High imitation A luxury goods WeChat: GZ_ SCP8, with the evolution of technology and technology, these defined movements have emerged in replica watches, and the precision of workmanship reflects the quality of the watch.

Generally, the movements used by top tier companies that imitate conscience are from third tier Germany, but the most common ones are domestically produced in China, such as the Pearl Movement. The lifespan of ordinary imitations is similar to that of Buddha series, and if you have a lot of luck, you can use them for a period of time. If you don't have good luck, the movement may malfunction within a week

3. Appearance similarity

This point needs to be the biggest concern for all students who choose these tables, but in fact, the most important aspect of playing with these tables is their appearance. This is basically not something that makes a replica look bad, but ordinary imitations are different. For knowledgeable people, it's just three words; Fake at a glance;


What's even more interesting is that some ordinary imitations will; Draw a snake to add feet&# quo;, Features that are not available in the original version will be added to others. There is also a feature that the original version has, and ordinary imitations are just used as decorations.

Alright, that's basically the end of the difference between ordinary high imitation watches and high-end replica watches. The purpose of writing this article is also to help you better distinguish between them and learn more to avoid being deceived.