What does the original 1:1 replica of Dior thick sole slippers and sandals mean

2023-08-10 17:53

Dior Dior's latest H-Town series Oblique thick sole slippers and sandals

The original purchased and developed Dior H-Town sandals pay tribute to the classic logo of a sporty style, showcasing Dior's high order spirit. Crafted with black rubber, paired with beige and black Oblique printed upper, embellished with tonal cow leather details to enhance style. The rubber sole incorporates multiple elements and is adorned with the Dior logo for a more refined and futuristic style. Can be worn with shorts or jeans

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▪️   Fabric: Original customized imported Oblique embroidery

▪️   Inner lining: imported soft sheepskin lining

▪️   Sole: Original molded ultra light foam material

▪️   Bottom thickness: 4CM

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