What is the meaning of Chanel's 21K Autumn/Winter New Lingge Classic Sports Shoe Original 1:1 Reprod

2023-08-10 17:51

Chanel Chanel 21K Autumn/Winter New Lingge Classic Sneakers

The original 1:1 replica of the most accurate and highest version on the market is the Xiaoxiang Sports and Casual Shoes Series, which is a classic version from C family with new color series. Customized original fabric, hardware, and other details are almost completely matched. The original sole has all the details, which are super beautiful and comfortable on the upper and lower feet, with a slight increase in height

▪️ Fabric: Top layer frosted leather/Lycra elastic fabric

▪️ Foot pads: breathable mesh surface

▪️ Bottom: Original dual color vacuum PU sole

▪️ Bottom thickness: 4CM

▪️ Size: 35-40

The difference between high imitation and A-grade shoes