Chanel black and white sports shoes casual board shoes 1:1 and original single

2023-08-10 17:48

Chanel Chanel 23C's latest popular water diamond panda black and white sports shoes casual board shoes

Original purchase, development, and sales of Xiaoxiang, a popular item at the end of the year. Classic black and white panda color matching sports shoes, Coco, a must for girls, so beautiful  All kinds of party sparkling Bling Bling can be compared to collectibles, and the Swarovski Diamond is long-lasting, bright, and crystal clear

Exquisite packaging at the delivery counter

▪️ Fabric: Original customized cowhide+technological fabric surface

▪️ Inner lining: Original imported breathable mesh lining

▪️ Bottom: Original molded rubber+TPU combination

▪️ Bottom thickness: 3CM

▪️ Size: Women's 35-40

The difference between high imitation and A-grade shoes