Zegna Business Casual Bubble Long Sleeve Shirt! Original luxury goods

2023-08-09 16:51

【 New Product Launch 】 P290/ZEGNA/JEGNA Business Leisure Bubble Long Sleeve Shirt!

Style: The high-end fashion aesthetic design combined with three-dimensional cutting style makes wearing more comfortable and enjoyable.

Fabric: 100 pieces of pure cotton yarn are selected for weaving, with a natural three-dimensional pleated seersucker texture. After being treated with a non ironing process, the fabric has a very high texture and comfort, excellent glossiness, and excellent skin friendliness and breathability!

Auxiliary material details: The selected high-quality buttons have excellent luster.

Design point: ZEGNA/Zegna's signature item that must be released every season. In each season's cycle, the new season still continues the design tone, showcasing the Italian style of urban nobility and minimalism to the extreme. Selected and customized high count cotton fabrics are integrated with the design concept of bubble cloth, presenting a rich texture on the surface, and with comfortable elasticity, breathable and skin friendly, comfortable and soft, and fresh colors.

This shirt is perfect in terms of design, fabric, craftsmanship, details, and appearance! The classic and simple standing collar is elegant and unique, highlighting the upright neck of men. The cutting of the shoulders is extremely exquisite, with a natural and tight connection, and the upper body is more straight and stylish.

Business casual shirts are an indispensable item for every man. A top-notch and high-end shirt is always a scarce item for men and a very investment meaningful item. It is a must-have tool in the wardrobe and dominates various occasions. It can perform exceptionally well in the business workplace, dinner parties, high-end events, and more!

Sizes 38-42

39 Shoulder 44.5 Chest 104 Sleeve 62.5 Length 76

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