Chanel hand-painted handbag short sleeved T-shirt. Original luxury item

2023-08-09 16:14

Chanel Handdrawn Bag Short Sleeve T-shirt

Fashion limited edition Xiaoxiang, the latest short t hand-painted chain bag with logo and print design from the summer channel, is a couple's style with super invincible charm and high-energy practical wear, adding to the summer style! The production of imported knitted cotton fabric and micro dense knitting equipment by customers ensures the cutting shape and characteristics of the product, which is thick, soft, and breathable. The fabric with a strong sense of width has a delicate hand feel, a great skin feeling, and a soft but not greasy upper body that is very stylish and elegant! The hand-painted chain bag uses water-soluble adhesive color treatment to completely penetrate the body fabric, blend into one, and reveal the texture of the fabric texture, presenting a matte texture! Same style for men and women! Size XS-L (with size chart)

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